Growing to maturity in your knowledge of the Lord!

Calvary greetings! I’m glad you have found time to view my blog.My name is Robert Mutua Lavu.I got saved in 1987 while undertaking my secondary education in Masii High school.I heard the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ beeing preached by Eva. Patrick Kiseli who was the CU chairman then.I surrendered my life to Jesus and since then ,I have seen the Lord help me grow in His knowledge.The values He has impacted on me are worthy paying attention to for I ‘m writing what I have experienced.

I have come to learn that when one is saved, you receive new birth by the spirit of the Lord.You become a new born baby in the kingdom of our Lord Jesus.This new birth is not possible unless you hear the gospel preached to you.The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation of every one who beleives, first for the Jew then for the Gentile.This shows me that it is all by the working of grace,we don’t marit it.It is not by works, so nobody should boast of this.

Once born,the journey to maturity begins this is because you are born a child and growth is expected.This growth comes as you feed your spirit with the word of God.Remember the birth youreceive when you are saved is of spirit.The word of God is spirit.It is the bread from heavenYour new  born spirit can only be fed with spiritual food.So as we begin this long journey to maturity we shall be looking at the Holy scriptures ,dining on them as we mature together.If you have no appetite for the word it is a clear indication that you are sick in the spirit  for a sick petson naturally has no appetite and we will trust God for your healing.Keep reading and always come back to my blog for revelatory and inspirational materials. Ask the Lord to open your spiritual eyes and hears so that you may see Him  and hear Him.Be blessed.